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A Quiet Conversation With the Snow

Kirkus Reviews on A Quiet Conversation with the Snow.
“Colvin spins a meditative story of a winter hike in this picture book debut.

Noah and his dad decide to go for a walk in the woods on a snowy day. With winter coats and walking sticks, they travel past bushes and under drooping trees until they reach their secret spot. At the creek, they admire the snow, playfully make snow cones for each other, and listen quietly to the soft, muted sounds of winter. When Noah’s dad suggests that heaven must be like this moment, both Noah and the snow smile back. Colvin captures the hush of the snowy day by keeping her text brief, giving each moment weight: “Finally here, they gazed upon the reflection of snowflakes dancing in the wind.” The writing is sometimes straightforward and sometimes more poetic, encouraging readers to stop and listen to the natural world around them—especially if they can share it with a loved one. Steadman’s detailed watercolor illustrations capture that stillness, hiding a brilliant red cardinal in each spread. Some of the images are more whimsical, such as when the father and son imagine shapes in the snow-covered trees. Others make use of realistic textures while obscuring other shapes—just the way a snowy day would. All of them are a delight to behold.”

“For young readers who love poring over detailed images, this is a perfect choice for a winter’s day.”

indie-reader-logo2“A father and son take a walk in the snow and find a peaceful haven in their secret spot by the creek.

A QUIET CONVERSATION WITH THE SNOW, written by Lori Colvin and illustrated by Lee Steadman, is a perfect bedtime reading book, especially for the night before or after a snow day. It is a gentle, contemplative, peaceful book, with a loving father-son bond at its heart. Steadman’s illustrations help contribute to this feeling of quiet comfort and peace, with their soft blue and white tones and images of drifting snowflakes and fluffy snow scenes. So as not to be entirely monochromatic, the pictures are accented by a bright red cardinal who darts through the pages after Noah and his dad, catching the eye with his brilliant color.

Colvin’s language is simple and clear but not condescending, easy enough for a beginning reader to pick out, with only a few lines on each page. The font is perhaps a bit fancy for early readers, but the text size is large enough to compensate for any potential difficulty there, and it might help increase competence and confidence with different styles of text. Despite its general tone of serenity, the book is not entirely still – Noah and his dad play with their dogs, have conversations that end up reflected in the scenery, and make each other snow cones, creating enough sense of movement to carry the child-reader along to the quiet, meditative core at the book’s heart without being dull or stagnant. In the end, it’s a pure moment of contentment and bliss, encouraging the child-reader who’s come along for the walk to join Noah and his dad in a mindful moment of appreciation for the beauty of the winter world around them.

There’s a bit of religion in the book, very subtly hinted at in, for example, the image of a praying woman in the snowy trees, and more explicitly referred to in the epilogue, but it’s not intrusive or preachy, and doesn’t interfere with the universality of the experience (at least for children raised in areas which have regular snowfall). The real heart of the book is the connection between father and son, their quiet companionship and affectionate relationship, and therefore it is a particularly well-suited book for a parent to read aloud to or with a beloved child.” 4.5 stars (out of 5) ~IR Verdict: A gentle story about a father and son on a lovely snowy day, Lori Colvin’s A QUIET CONVERSATION WITH THE SNOW is pure comfort food for the small-child soul.

readers-favorite-book-review-logo“A Quiet Conversation With the Snow by Lori Colvin invites readers on a peaceful walk through snow-covered woods. As Noah and his dad set out for a walk one winter’s day, the gently falling snow soon becomes their companion as it communicates to them in whispers and creates meaningful shapes while blanketing the trees. Gorgeous illustrations by Lee Steadman capture the serenity of a snowfall. On many pages, a striking Cardinal beautifully stands out against the bright white of the snow-covered landscape. Noah and his dad take great delight in the tranquility of spending time together while observing the world around them covered in snow. In this captivating story, the author shares a poignant message about the importance of slowing down and appreciating God’s creation as well as the special significance that Cardinals may have.

Lori Colvin’s A Quiet Conversation With the Snow is filled with gentle reminders that moments of joy and wonder can be found everywhere; from the hush of snowfall to the majesty of soaring birds and towering trees. Readers will be transported to a winter wonderland as they journey along with Noah and his dad on their snowy walk. Vivid and detailed illustrations capture the grandeur of the natural world covered in freshly fallen snow. A simple walk in the woods becomes a beautiful sanctuary for a father and his son to explore and enjoy together. The uplifting explanation of Cardinals as messengers may spark meaningful discussions about faith. This is the perfect read to cozy up with throughout the winter season.”  5 Stars  ~Melinda Facal for Readers’ Favorite

“Recommending this book … The illustrations are beautiful. Some nice imagery in the writing. A sweet message.” ~ Tamara Ward, Tamara Ward Booksellers @authorTamaraWard.com 

“A gentle read with a sweet simplicity. Beautiful visceral illustrations that evoke awe of winter beauty.” ~ Recommended by Lauren, a blogger, @CharacterKidLit.com