Special Payment

Thank you for wanting to make a special payment.

For SPECIAL PAYMENT other than local pickup, please contact Lori for prices on shipping. This includes multiple books with shipping or international shipping.  Contact Lori for your total price and return here to use the “Special Purchase” button below to complete your payment. Thank you.  

When you know your total, CLICK the ‘SPECIAL PURCHASE’ button below.  When the payment window opens, enter the total amount of your payment and fill in the rest of your information.  You will then be verified using STRIPE to complete your purchase.  Thank you!

LOCAL RESIDENTS that want to PICKUP a book or two, click on the button below to select the number of books you would like to purchase.  Then you can continue to make your payment.   No shipping will be charged.  

For PICKUP ONLY –  Price:  $18.99 for 1 book, $37.98 + for two books,  $56.97 for 3 books and so on.  PA Tax will be added on to your total.